YOGA at iron city boulders

Yoga is a meditative movement practice that encourages mindfulness, mobility, and strength. Yoga at Iron City Boulders includes a variety of classes in a wide range of styles so that we have something for every goal – whether you’re just starting with yoga or an experienced practitioner. Join us as we work together to reach our fitness goals, on the wall and off.

Classes can fill up fast, so be sure to book ahead of time.

Members: FREE / Non-Members: $15


Class Descriptions

Foundations of Yoga with Mahogany

Brand new to yoga? Looking for a way to ease back into your practice? Our Foundations Yoga classes were created with you in mind! These slower-paced classes will be full of clear, detailed instruction and demonstration. Our goal is to develop techniques to safely tailor each pose to work best for you and your body.

Vinyasa Yoga with Kelly

Vinyasa yoga is the syncing of mind and body through movement, flow of energy, and breath. Vinyasa aids flexibility, strength, balance, awareness, and mental clarity. The asanas are linked with flowing movements and creative transitions inspired by dance. We invite you to disconnect from the day and find meditation through movement and music.

Heated Forrest Yoga with Becca

Get ready to sweat with Heated Forrest Yoga! This class is designed to address ailments of our modern lifestyle, including back pain, neck and shoulder issues, and a lack of connection to feeling. This class focuses on body awareness, a dose of introspection, and intelligent sequencing with fun, challenging poses.

Vinyasa Flow with Mahogany

This Vinyasa practice will focus on a flow that progresses from one posture to another, guided by breath. We will start seated with breathing exercises and spinal movements. Flows will gradually shift into standing postures to energize and build strength in the body, ending with a gentle cooldown of seated stretches.

Buti Yoga with Kelly

Buti Yoga blends power yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance, conditioning, and deep abdominal toning. This incorporates the spiral structure technique used to activate our deep core muscles, paired with primal movement, cardio dance, and conditioning to help transform your body and soul. Buti is designed to shift your mindset around workouts, turning them from punishment into movement and celebration.

Morning Hatha Yoga with Cynthia

This class is for climbers and movers of all types. Cynthia brings an early morning Hatha-based class to start your Wednesday mornings off on a high note, leaving energized, centered, and ready for anything!

Rise & Shine Flow with Lonni

This early morning 1 hour vinyasa flow class offers breath-work, core strengthening plus sequences with groovy music. It will aim to energize you and get your day going to a mindful start. All Levels Are Welcome.

Yoga with Haley

In this class, you will experience a meditative flow with attention to sensation, alignment and breath. Some classes remain slow throughout, while others will challenge your strength and endurance in a safe, playful and judgment-free environment. All levels are welcome to practice.

Flow and Glow with Bre

This vinyasa style class is for students of all levels looking to find joy in movement. Class begins with breath work and focusing the mind on an intention. We will progressively build through creative twists, bends, folds, and balances to challenge your mobility, strength, and flexibility. Modifications are available and all are welcome. Expect to end class with a smile on your face and peace in your heart. 

Balance with Lorna

A mix of classic Vinyasa flow and holding postures while focusing on the breath. This combination helps to achieve agility, strength and concentration. Find grounding in the balance between stability and softness during this uplifting class. All levels are welcome and the class is designed to be encouraging for the beginner, as well as challenging to even the most seasoned practitioners. All levels are welcome to practice.

Yin and Restorative

This practice offers a way to ease and release deeply held tension in the body and unleash stagnant or blocked energy through slow-paced movement and holding floor-based postures for several minutes. This class may be slow, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. A deep practice of presence and mindfulness, it is a great way to calm the mind for meditation. We will focus on the breath and stress-relieving postures, while stretching and supporting the body with props including blocks, straps, sandbags and blankets, allowing the body and mind to release tension, creating a contemplative space.


Frequently asked questions

I’ve never practiced yoga before, and I’m not very flexible. What should I expect?

Have you taken a breath today? Great! That means you’ve practiced yoga! There are many ways to practice, and movement (asana) is only one of them. All ICB classes are open and ready to welcome yogis in all stages of their practice. You can expect to be guided through a sequence of postures with modifications and progressions to fit you and your body best during each class.

What do I need to bring?

We would love it if you could bring a yoga mat and a water bottle; however, we understand that’s not always an option for everyone. ICB has mats available to rent if you need them.

Do I need to be a member to take a yoga class?

We’d love to have you as a member, but it’s not required for our yoga classes. Classes are $15 for non-members and free for members. Punch passes are also able to be used for yoga.

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Members: Yoga classes are free, excluding special events and workshops. If you do not plan to make it to class, please let the front desk staff know, or cancel your booking through the RGP Connect app to avoid a $5 no-show fee. Rental mats are available for $5.