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Cooper Cup 2024

Climb & Compete in Your Own Backyard

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Pittsburgh Public Climbing Competition

Celebrating 3-years of ICB Climbing Passion

Join us on our 3rd anniversary for the Cooper Cup – a public competition with qualifying rounds taking place Sunday January 14th to Wednesday January 18th. The top five climbers with the highest points within each open category will be invited to finals taking place Friday January 19th!

Competitors will compete at our open qualifying round to rack up as many points, scoring their top three climbs throughout the qualifying period (Sunday-Wed).

Whether you’re new to climbing or experienced in the sport, come compete with your fellow ICB community in our second Cooper Cup. This competition is for both members and non-members. Participation for members is free and $20 for non-members.

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Participant Categories 

The competition is broken down into three different categories based off your max color range send (maximum color within 5 attempts). Participants will self-select and submit their climbing grade during registration. You will then be placed into the categories as specified below:

MTNB (male trans nonbinary) and FTNB (female trans nonbinary) categories will be organized with the following divisions. Please select the division for the grade you can consistently send.

  • Intermediate (Blue & Purple | V4-V6)
  • Advanced (Pink & Black | V6-V8)
  • Open (White | V8+)

*Please note: Onsight finals will be for the top 5 climbers within each respective gender category.*

Qualifying Round


Sunday January 14th – Wednesday (at close) January 17th


Anytime we’re open!

Redpoint Round Format

The competition will start off in redpoint format, each route will have a select number of points based on the level of difficulty. A score card will be provided to participants to record attempts and sends. Boulder problems will be available to attempt throughout the designated time period listed above. No extra points will be awarded for finalists. Ties will be broken up based on attempts and one witness will be required to record an official send on the participants score card. The top 5 climbers within each gender category will have the opportunity to move on to finals.


FINALS (Invite only)


Friday, January 19th, 2024 (during our 3-year anniversary party 🥰).


7:30PM – 9:30PM

  • Warmup/Check-in: 7PM
  • Preliminary Rules: 7:20PM
  • Final Climbing: 7:30PM
  • Final results and awards: 8:30PM

Onsight Finals Format

The top five climbers within each respective gender will be eligible for onsight finals. Finalists will be assigned 3 boulders. Competitors will be in idolation (held in the horseshoe to provide opportunities to warmup) to prevent viewing other competitor attempts and gaining beta. There will be a fixed 4 minutes of time per boulder.

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