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Yoga has been a consistent part of my life since my freshman year of college when I decided to opt into a “non traditional” elective.

A decade ago, yoga was honestly nothing more to me than an easy way to pass a class (I mean, hello?! it ends with a nap.. i’ll take three please!)
My personal practice has grown from “look at this cool posture I learned!”, to practicing pranayama (breath control) unknowingly, to becoming an instructor and teaching styles including Vinyasa, Rocket, and Perinatal Yoga.

Once you realize “yoga” means so much more than wearing spandex and doing headstands, an entirely new world opens up for you…and I love being the key to unlock that door for people.

When I’m not on the mat, you can usually find me curating a fun playlist to set the mood for the day, or tending to either my plants or my pets!

Rachael Stone

“My personal yoga practice exceeds 6 years and very quickly became a safe haven for me. My passion is to guide others through their own journey while using breath as foundation for movement. My yoga style is whimsical and creative with a focus on proper alignment. I experiment with gentle strength, balance, and flexibility to link the mind, body, and spirit awareness. I love a good playlist and to laugh at my mistakes so I encourage you to let go & flow!”

becca cutright

“Yoga became a part of my life in 2012, and I began teaching in 2013.  As my practice developed, yoga became an act of self care to address the whole me – my body, my mind, my emotions.  My yoga mat provides the space for me to satisfy my thrill seeking personality with arm balances as well as a space to dive into my own internal wilderness where I get to foster a deep awareness of myself and the life I am experiencing.

I teach the way I like to practice – with a strong focus on body awareness; a dose of introspection; and intelligent sequencing with fun, challenging poses.  Expect precise cues, intent setting, and sequencing that prepares you for the next pose to come.  Bodies are different, so modifications will be offered. Outside of yoga, I’m a licensed massage therapist.  With your consent, I’ll happily provide hands-on assists!

I have completed teacher trainings with Ana Forrest, creatrix of Forrest Yoga and with Tias Little of Prajna Yoga.”

Kelly DuTullio

“My yoga journey started in 2015 when a coworker said, “hey do you want to try this new yoga dance class?”.  I fell in love with Buti Yoga instantly and it opened my eyes to all the other styles of yoga.  I received my Buti Yoga Certification in 2016 which was quickly followed by completing a 200-hour RYT Yoga Certification in 2017.  Outside of yoga, I am a pharmacist.

Some days I love the structure of 26 & 2 yoga.  Other days I need the flow of vinyasa.  Still other days I crave the creativity and rhythms of Buti yoga.  This appreciation of different styles comes through in my teaching.  My vinyasa class offers asana linked with flowing movements and creative transitions inspired by dance.  Class is guided and inspired by music.  

Movement is meditation for me.  I invite students to to disconnect and find their meditation through movement.”

Mikey Lara

“My personal practice exceeds well over 7 years and has been influenced by many different styles ranging from meditative disciplines, such as Ashtanga Yoga, to performance based ones like breakdancing and circus. Its diverse set of influences was mainly a byproduct of my curiosity to explore and experiment with different types of movement training to see which ones would make for fun, interesting hobbies. My main current movement practices are handbalancing, contortion and partner acrobatics. 

My teaching style focuses on giving students the tools and knowledge to build informed personal movement practices. I received my teaching certifications from Warrior Bridge in New York City in both anatomy & movement and partner acrobatics.

Hannah Genovese

“My acro practice started in 2015 when I was briefly introduced to it by a yoga instructor in college. The one-class introduction stuck with me a couple of years later when I moved to Pittsburgh and Googled ‘Pittsburgh Acro’ (because how else do you find things out nowadays??) to see if anyone in the city knew of a class. I found the Pittsburgh acro Facebook page, went to an informal jam in Schenley Plaza, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Little did I know, that one Google search would eventually lead me to one of my very favorite hobbies and so many best friends. 

I love partner acrobatics because it teaches you so many diverse skills, including balance, strength, verbal & nonverbal communication, empathy, consent, and critical thinking. I also like to connect it to climbing in that you are solving problems, but you’re working them out with another person instead of alone on the wall. That kind of collaboration is a really unique way to connect with another human, as well as perform some cool tricks along the way!


Asher Sered

“Asher first discovered yoga as a way to remedy the physical stresses of modern office life. Yoga brought him not only improved posture and flexibility, but also a renewed connection with breath and the subtle body. Yoga is a passion for Asher as well as a means of self-care and exploration, and he is excited to share his enthusiasm for yoga and movement with the Iron City Boulders community. In his classes, you can expect lots of active mobility and conditioning work specifically targeted towards climbers, topped off with a glorious helping of longer juicy holds to help free up body and mind. When not climbing or practicing yoga, you can find Asher baking bread, reading books and training an artificial intelligence to take over his responsibilities.”

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