About Moments Climbing

Created in Scandinavia, and currently operating the 3 Kiipeilyareena facilities in Finland – Moments Climbing intends to be the world leader in the development and operations of commercial climbing gyms. The people behind the company are a mix of experienced global businessmen & those who have helped shape the indoor climbing industry over the past decade, all of whom are passionate rock climbers. Blue Swan Boulders, opening September 2020, will be our first US location and the first ever transatlantic climbing facility.


Meet the Team


Dean Privett
Vice President of Moments Climbing

Born and raised in the Pittsburgh suburbs, Dean has dreamed of opening a climbing gym in his hometown ever since taking a 1 credit rock climbing course at the University of Pittsburgh in 2009. Since then Dean has held almost every position in an indoor climbing gym and has positioned himself at the forefront of the indoor climbing industry.

Dean began his profession as the Lead Instructor and Route Setter at the Earth Treks’ Rockville location, the largest indoor climbing gym in the country at the time. Shortly thereafter, Dean moved to Santa Barbara, CA to manage and route set at the region’s first indoor climbing gym. After several successful years working in the Southern CA market, Dean accepted a position with Walltopia, the world’s leading climbing wall manufacturer. As the Head of Sales at Walltopia, Dean was exposed to nearly every new and existing gym in the country. He acted as a trusted design consultant, operational advisor, and account manager for new and expanding operators. Throughout his career Dean always focused on improving the customer experience especially for those new to the sport.

Dean found his passion in route setting and has moderated panel discussions, contributed to committees, and lead workshops focused on making route setting more inclusive.  Dean believes in athletic empathy and that route setting needs to meet the unique needs of all climbers, whether they’re first timers, frequent visitors, or professionals.


Hana Ko
Gym Director

Hana Ko joins Moments Climbing with 9 years of experience in running small businesses, along with a strong passion for climbing and customer satisfaction. With extensive knowledge in engaging with customers and the community, Hana will bring a whole new set of skills that will ensure Iron City Boulders exceeds expectations. Hana brings in her experience of leading a driven team, administrative operations, and supply chain management.

Hana started climbing about 3 years ago, after visiting Earth Treks in Rockville, MD. The community she was interacting with along with the extremely friendly staff, made her immediately fall in love with the sport. Hana plans to bring that same energy and friendliness to Iron City Boulders so everyone feels like they belong and are in a safe and fun environment.

When Hana is not climbing, she enjoys learning how to skateboard, snowboarding with friends, and any opportunities for new challenges and adventures. Hana is excited to offer her skills and passions to the Moments Climbing team!

Lewis Yeaple

Deputy Gym Director

Lewis first started work as a personal trainer. After about 3 years of experience he decided to transition and utilize his skills to align more with his biggest passion: climbing. Lewis went on to work as a Climbing Manager for Penn State and shortly after as an instructor for his hometown gym. Lewis quickly fell in love with building communities centered around the exciting and memorable experiences created while climbing.

Graduating from Penn State with a degree in Recreation Park and Tourism Management, Lewis is determined to bring high-quality programming to Iron City Boulders. 

Lewis understands that climbing can be an intimidating thing for newcomers. He vividly remembers the importance of a welcoming and inclusive environment to new climbers, as he once was himself walking into the State College YMCA’s climbing wall for the first time six years ago. Some of his favorite areas to climb include his hometown crag, Donation Rocks in State College, Washoe Boulders in Reno NV, and Snow Canyon in Utah. When not climbing, Lewis enjoys playing the piano, mountain biking, skateboarding, and backpacking.


Travis Riegle

Head Routesetter

Meet Travis- our head routesetter. Coming from Virginia Beach, he is back in the ‘Burgh to set nothing but bangers. Travis went to Pitt for a bit before starting his routesetting career, so you may have seen him climbing around town a few years ago!

He fits right in here, being “Fueled by Coffee”, and is a really fun and friendly addition to the routesetting team. His philosophy is based around fun and creative movements to keep up the psych and inspiring people to come back for more. Travis brings to the team not only his ability to lead, but also his passion to learn and grow with his route setting team.

Travis also brings a small crew with him to Pittsburgh, including his standard poodle, Dallas.

Hopefully you will all get a chance to personally chat with him and welcome him back home to Pittsburgh- make sure to say hi if you see him and send any local vegan recommendations his way!

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